Omega Announces the Opening of Our New Engineer Training Area

Continuing with our reputation of being a leader in training and development in our industry, Omega Environmental Drilling Ltd is pleased to announce the opening of our new Engineer Training Area. We have recently installed some environmental and geotechnical instrumentation in a designated area in our yard (Maple Ridge, BC.) where our clients can confidently send new employees to get some real world practice on sampling without the added pressure of being rushed by typical activities in the field.

Engineer Training Area, Omega Drilling, Maple Ridge

The first installation we completed was a 2″ environmental monitoring well to 90′ (27.4m) complete with a nested stainless steel vapor probe. This is the most common instrumentation on all environmental sites and consultants can practice sampling methods and discuss potential scenarios that may occur during sampling and problem solve as a group. More information on Standard Operating Procedures for monitoring wells can be found here. (sop_e2-2_well_development.pdf (

2″ groundwater monitoring well c/w nested soil vapor probe

Next, we installed a 2.75″ Snap-Seal Slope Inclinometer (measures the performance of slopes and embankments) at a depth of 36′ (10.98m), complete with a nested Vibrating Wire Piezometer (measures pore water pressure) at 34′ (10.37m), compliments of our friends at RST Instruments.

RST’s 2.75″ snap-seal inclinometer casing


RST Instruments vibrating wire piezometer


More recently, a team of engineers from RST Instruments conducted a trial field installation of their New Generation Multi-Point Borehole Extensometer (Borehole Extensometers – RST Instruments Ltd) along with Omega’s TerraSonic 150cc Track Mounted Sonic Drill. Extensometers are used to determine stability and movement behavior of soil and rock masses.

a team of engineers prepare the new generation borehole extensometer for installation


We are proud to be able to offer this free service to our valued clients. If you would like to set up a time for your team to come in for some field training, please contact our office. An Omega employee will greet you upon arrival and once you have completed the safety orientation, you will have as much time as you need, uninterrupted, to give your staff the confidence they need to go into the field and perform sampling on their own.

If you have any requests for additional instrumentation you would like to see in our training area, please reach out to us and let us know how we can be of service to your group.