Omega Environmental Drilling is committed to the health and safety and well being of its employees, subcontractors, clients, general public and the environment.

Health and safety is a primary concern for Omega Drilling. Our objective is to continue to have a zero injury work record. We have an extensive safety program that emphasizes the responsibilities of all persons on site as well as compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. Positive behavior is practiced and required by all persons on site at all times.

  • Safety Program

    To provide a safe work environment, Omega has an extensive safety program that emphasizes the responsibilities of all persons on site as well as compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. Positive behaviour is practiced and required by all persons on site in order to ensure a safe work environment.

    Safety Policies and Guidelines

    Omega’s safety program has strict and detailed policies and guidelines that provide information and reporting requirements for each of the following areas:

    • General Safety Rules
    • Zero Tolerance Drug and Alcohol Policy
    • Environmental Management Plan
    • Underground Utilities Policy
    • Inspection Checklists
    • Complete and updated

    Risk Analysis

    Omega’s program provides detailed guidelines on risk analysis and hazard identification with respect to the site, employees, and equipment. Omega staff has the right to refuse unsafe work and is required to properly record and report all accidents, incidents and hazards.

    On Site Resources

    All applicable forms are maintained on site, such as:

    • Inspection lists
    • Near miss incident reports
    • Employee warning notices
    • Site safety plan and checklist forms
    • Emergency numbers and contacts
    • Safety/tailgate meeting forms
    • Rig & equipment checklists etc.


    A copy of our entire safety program is also maintained on site, so that everyone always has access to this information.

  • Safety Equipment

    Omega’s safety equipment is always maintained and upgraded to meet applicable safety codes. We maintain on site at all times the following (but not limited to) items:

    • High level spill kits on rig and support unit
    • 250 yards of oil absorbent pad
    • 2 x 20 lb fire extinguisher on rig and support unit
    • 2 x 5 lb and 1 x 10 lb fire extinguisher on site
    • Personal protective safety equipment
    • Level 1 first aid kits on rig and support unit
    • Material safety data sheets for all chemicals
    • Safety alert horns
    • Eyewash station on support unit and rig
    • First aid blanket on site

    In addition, our rig has been constructed with additional safety features such as wireless remote control access, dual emergency shut-offs and safety yellow colour.

  • Safety Training

    In order to maintain awareness and compliance with health and safety regulations, our staff is committed to continuous upgrading and training. Omega staff is required to be familiar with and have read Omega’s safety program as well as any specific safety program of our clients.

    Supervisors are required to train and monitor staff on the job as well. Hands-on training and identification of hazards and establishing good work habits are a requirement for all Omega staff.

    Omega is registered with WorkSafe BC and is in good standing. As per the WorkSafe BC Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) requirements, our joint health and safety committee (1 employee, 1 manager) are both trained in the fundamentals of safety and trained in work-place specific hazards. Currently our field staff has the following training (but not limited to):

    • Certified Driller registered with the Ministry of Environment
    • Level 1 First Aid
    • H2S Alive
    • WHMIS
    • General Entry Level Safety
    • Fall Protection for Rig Workers
    • Fall Rescue for Rig Workers
    • Safe Driving Certificate
    • Hearing Card
    • OHS Safety Courses (previously certified)
    • Certified Mine Rescue (previously certified)
    • POST Training
    • CN Contractor Orientation and Railroad Security Awareness
  • Safety Meetings

    Omega’s safety policy makes it mandatory to conduct a site inspection and safety meeting, including a last minute risk assessment, prior to the commencement of any job.

    In addition, Omega conducts staff safety meetings at least once a week.

    All minutes of meetings are carefully documented and necessary changes are addressed on a regular basis.

  • Safety Program Review

    Our safety program is continuously open for review for ways to improve and upgrade our policies and guidelines. We are registered on the Crown Publications Inc.’s mailing list to receive any amendments to the OHS Manual.

    A formal review of Omega’s Safety Program is conducted once a year. Our Safety Program is also reviewed annually by some of our clients, which gives us improvement recommendations from qualified safety co-coordinators within the drilling industry.

    Our experience expands over 25 years. Safety has been a large part of our field staff’s life experience, and they have held supervisory positions where they have enforced safety standards on a regular basis.

    We can provide a complete copy of our safety program upon request.