Digital I-Vane Testing

With the of A.P. van den Berg I-Vane System

Omega is now proud to offer in house electronic I-Vane testing services. With the addition of A.P. van den Berg, I-Vane technology, our highly trained operators are able to acquire the delicate supplemental testing information your projects may require. While we do offer a no-frills data package, make no mistake that our data collection service will provide you with the modern commercial data collection hardware and fully integrated software packages you would expect from your geotechnical data provider. Baseline summaries, as well as current calibration numbers, are provided so the raw data provided can be interpreted by you the client using very cost-effective software in house. Ask us today for more details.

Services available
  • I-Vane 85m independent of CPT unit
  • The versatility and modular design of A.P. van den Berg designs allow for Omega to expand these services to meet client demands.
  • The dependability and quality of AP Van Den Berg equipment, providing innovative and reliable instruments to clients worldwide made this choice an easy one.
  • All of our operators Have been factory-trained in operations of all AP Van Den Berg equipment and software.