Limited Access Drill

A portable auger drill powerful enough for the most demanding jobs, small enough to get to them.  Hydraulically powered rotary top head drive. Air swivel equipped for use with Ring Bit and ODEX systems.  Drill can be operated attached to the main power unit or remotely with hose extensions.

Our Limited Access Drill Rig lets you drill in areas where a full size truck can’t reach.

With a height of less than 8′ tall, drilling can be performed indoors while keeping the power unit outside and eliminating all indoor emissions. This rig is extremely versatile, giving us the ability to drill in almost any indoor space or over objects preventing larger rigs access.

Our Limited Access Drill can fit through spaces as narrow as 24″ wide, and operate up to 100′ away from the skid steer/power source.

Perfect for Odex, Auger, SPT, or Agricultural Soil Sample work.

Equipped With:
  • Auger, ODEX and SPT
  • Fits under an 8' ceiling
  • Fits through as small as 24" doorway
  • 6" diameter solid stem auger
  • 8" diameter hollow stem auger
Technical Specs:
Maximum Drilling Depth: 50 ft
Torque: 2,750 ft-lbs @ 3000psi
Pull Back: 7,350 lbs
Pull Down: 5,600 lbs

  • With Tower Up:
  • With Tower Down:


    Width: Fits through 24” doorway
    Weight: 950 lbs